"What do I do for a living?"

"Oh, I'm just a mom."

Hi, I’m Sarah!

And just like you, I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) or “just a mom”.

Before I became a mom, I knew when I did, I would want to be a SAHM. And I remember how annoyed I would get when I would see a SAHM complaining on social media about not showering for days or “remembering the times when she enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.”

It literally made me cringe.

Since when did SAHM’s become a victim?

If you want to take a shower, take one. And just drink the freaking cup of coffee when you make it. It can’t be THAT hard…

Then, I became a SAHM.

My eyes were opened.

Not because I never got to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time but because I was now walking in the size 8 shoes of my fellow SAHM’s.

Newborns, toddlers, whatever age…these little human beings are unpredictable.

One day could go exactly how you would love everyday to go and the next…well, I don’t even want to go there.

But you’ve been there.

We’ve all had “those” days.

And let’s not forget the fact that our bodies are healing and achey and e..x..h.a.u..s…t.e..d.

I chose to coach SAHM’s, specifically, because I don’t like the idea of SAHM’s feeling as though being “just a mom” isn’t enough.

Or important.

I believe this damning, self limiting thought contributes to why SAHM’s are more sad, stressed, and depressed than working moms.

That’s not okay with me.

Self-Coaching has definitely helped keep my thoughts in a more positive light but like any human being, I still feel stressed sometimes.

So, when that happens, I know how to nip it in the bud so I can show up as the mother, wife, and Sarah that I want to be.

Being able to stay at home with my child is the biggest blessing.

I thank God EVERYDAY.

But, I know how it can be.

Some days, the only “grown-up” conversations you may have are the ones you have in your head. When that’s the case, and it usually is, you need to make sure you are having healthy, motivating, and positive conversations with yourself.

And to add to that, since the only adult around is usually yourself, you want to make sure you actually like hanging out with yourself.

When I was younger, I dreaded being by myself because I didn’t like how my overthinking would spiral out of control, letting my inner critic run wild.

Those thoughts would cripple anything that inspired me, leaving me confused, mad, sad and lonely.

Since working with a life coach and becoming one myself, I am able to quiet that inner critic and get sh*t done.

I have the confidence to handle any situation before me.

And I would love to do the same for my fellow SAHM’s, who struggle just like I used to.

I started to notice a pattern within myself that helped me obtain a sense of control in my life.

I turned that pattern into a program and this program is how I can help you!

Are you ready to learn more?

xo, Sarah